The process of outsourcing accounts work is now very simple.
All you require is a computer, a scanner and an internet connection to start off. If you don't want to do the scanning in-house you can use the services of a document scanner centre.
There are numerous advantages to scanning documents not to mention the savings which result from efficient usage of space and time.

The chart below shows how the job progresses through from the point you would send it to us to the time you receive it all back.

The Yellow Notes show the job is progressing at your office and the Red Notes show the job as it progresses through HAASH System.

Scan & Upload - When your client brings in their books simply get the books scanned and upload these to our secured system along with last year’s file and your software backup. eMAIL - You then send HAASH a “job sent” email. Download & Email - Upon receipt of the email we download the files and send you an “acknowledgement” email.
Planning & Clarifications        Next the files are carefully reviewed   and the job planned. A “Clarifications” email is then sent to you stating out any initial queries, and missing information noted. It also states the time budget and expected return date for the job. Start of job Budget & Turnaround Time - Agreement of the budget is necessary for us to proceed to the next stage which is job preparation. Quick turnaround is a priority-Up to 70% jobs are back with clients in 2 weeks at most times in the year. The 30% which are delayed are usually on hold due to missing information or awaiting query responses. Urgent jobs can take as little as 1 week.
Job Preparation, Queries & Quality Reviews - On the job queries are emailed to you as the job progresses through preparation and quality control reviews here. Completion Email - Once complete we upload the working papers and software backup onto the secured system send you a “job completion” email. Download & Finalise - You can now download and review the work and proceed to finalisation of the job.
Billing & Payment - You will receive a monthly bill based on the agreed job budgets via email. Payment can be made via a bank transfer.    

To be a leader in the field of Business Process Outsourcing, offering a reliable back office with innovative and value-added services, while optimising the use of information technology so as to develop a strong and long term bond with our clients.

To be a high quality and reliable Business Process Outsourcing service provider maintaining the utmost standards in the field of accountancy outsourcing.