HAASH has been established principally to supply high standard accountancy and bookkeeping services to small and medium sized accountancy practices in the UK.

Our clients not only have the usual cost benefits that come with outsourcing but the main part of our focus is to provide a very high quality service on every job done here.

We recognise that time is the crucial ingredient for any practice to survive and to thrive. Therefore our main focus when providing any service is to reduce your staff’s time on the job to the minimum necessary. So that your staff have ample of time to concentrate on adding more value to the jobs and to work on the core of your practice’s activities.

We use various techniques to achieve this saving in time some of which are included below:

Planning and missing information screening done at HAASH:
So that none of your senior staff usually spend time planning on the jobs sent to HAASH

Restrict the use of suspense account as far as possible: Unless we have prior approval from your staff.

Analytical Review of Income and Expenditure items: So you will find the staff at your office spending less time on obvious reallocation journals.

Working Papers to blend into your office format:
All working papers are formatted before sending back to you using your required index and format so that you can easily use them in your office files. Sample Working Papers available upon request.

Your Specific Software is used but on our systems:
Our staff are trained in using various software including Digita, Sage and others.

Quick review Notes and Queries:
These are prepared for your staff to enable them to review the job files fast and easily.

Flexible timings:
Call or email anytime during your work hours and someone will be here to help.

Job Status reports:
You can opt to receive a Daily or Weekly report showing you the exact position on all your jobs at HAASH.

Your Client’s Records:
The records stay safe at your office-we only work with your scanned pages.

After delivery Service: 
This is available if you would like us to help with tidying up the files after your review.

Quick Turnaround:
2 weeks turnaround at most times of the year and on most jobs.

You can call or email us any time and we will always be here to help.



To be a leader in the field of Business Process Outsourcing, offering a reliable back office with innovative and value-added services, while optimising the use of information technology so as to develop a strong and long term bond with our clients.

To be a high quality and reliable Business Process Outsourcing service provider maintaining the utmost standards in the field of accountancy outsourcing.