HAASH Accountancy Services is owned and run by Heena Abbas who is an FCCA with over 15 years of experience in the field of Accountancy. She has been in the outsourcing industry for the last 8 years getting accounts and bookkeeping work done in Pakistan for Chartered Accountants across the UK.

HAASH provides high standard accountancy and bookkeeping services to Chartered Accountancy practices in the UK. We specialise in accounting and bookkeeping services for small and medium sized businesses.

We believe that outsourcing accounts and bookkeeping work should not just be about cutting costs. It should result in having a “back office team” that is competent and able to deliver high standard work at top speed. Our clients have a lot of confidence in our services and we go to great lengths to build and sustain this level of confidence. Find out more about HAASH...

HAASH has been established principally to supply high standard accountancy and bookkeeping services to small and medium sized accountancy practices in the UK.

Our clients not only have the usual cost benefits that come with outsourcing but the main part of our focus is to provide a very high quality service on every job done here.

We recognise that time is the crucial ingredient for any practice to survive and to thrive.

Our main focus when providing any service is to reduce your staff’s time on the job to the minimum necessary. So that your staff have ample of time to concentrate on adding more value to the jobs and to work on the core of your practice’s activities.

We use various techniques to achieve this saving in time some of which are included...

Outstanding Quality: When you send your jobs to us you can be assured that we will go that “extra mile” to give you the best quality possible.

Time Saving: At HAASH we go through great lengths to ensure that your time on the job is minimal because we understand that “time is money”.

Confidentiality: Your information is secure with us, we have the strongest measures in place when it comes to client data. You can contact us to review our procedures.

Flexible working style: We focus on working paper styles to suit your needs so when you receive a job back from HAASH you will find that they completely fit into your practice requirements and it is almost like getting the job done in your office.